Semester Coming to an End

Uni finally finished for the semester, but that just meant that I had even less time to spend in Wellington, which is a big negative. I haven’t updated my blog recently because I’ve been busying trying to make the most of the remaining time I have on this side of the world!! Therefore, I will be posting a few things since I have time while sitting in the airport.

When I finished my exams I couldn’t have been happier because it was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders finally. Unfortunately Wellington has become pretty cold (nothing like New England winters, though), so I couldn’t enjoy the beach or anything like that. I still did heaps of exploring in my last few weeks there because I know I won’t be back for a while. I finally went to the local museum, Te Papa, and went around late at night to try and get some nice pictures of the stars. I also started doing some souvenir shopping.

Moa Point, Wellington

Moa Point, Wellington

I’m really happy because when the semester died down I was able to meet up with some of the employees from the Education New Zealand office and get coffee. Pip and I even went on a little shopping trip and they bought me a pounamu (greenstone) necklace as a thank you for being an Instagram ambassador for them! I was able to pick out a design that I liked and I went with the Koru because it represents an unfurling fern frond and symbolizes new growth, new life, lifelong friendships, peace, and tranquility. I have barely taken it off since! 🙂

Koru Pounamu

Koru Pounamu

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