It’s Not All Fun and Games

One thing that I didn’t really expect to happen when coming over here was everybody bothering me about how much fun I’m having and asking, “aren’t you there to study?” It’s actually rather frustrating when people think I haven’t been studying because I’ve truthfully been pretty overwhelmed with coursework the past month (and the month before break).

This weekend is a long weekend because of the Queen’s birthday. Many of the international students are spending it traveling, but I’ve been stuck at home with my flatmates writing essays instead. Break was the most fun I’ve had since being in New Zealand, because there was no stress–and hey, that’s what breaks are for! I guess I just wish people would understand that we are focusing on school over here. My flatmates and I are all getting these responses from people back in the states, and we all agree it’s pretty obnoxious.

Anyway, I guess it comes with the territory when people are jealous of the amazing experience we’re all lucky enough to get from being over here for so long!! I wouldn’t change any part of this trip for the world. I frequently say, everything happens for a reason, and I think the reason this has happened is to show me how ignorant some people can be. It actually is a good lesson to learn because it helps me to realise the type of person I don’t wish to be one day!

I guess I just had to share this so I can look back at it and laugh, remembering how stressful the schoolwork could be here in New Zealand. I know when I look back on this experience, the school work will be one of the last things I remember–except for my Māori culture and society course (or paper, as they would say over here), that one I will hopefully remember forever!

One thought on “It’s Not All Fun and Games

  1. As you said–everyone is jealous!! I know how hard you’re working and studying!! Keep it up (and I know you’ll keep having fun when you can too!! 😉 )


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