Gloomy Tramping

Today I went on an extremely long tramp with a bunch of other Uni Hall people. It was only supposed to sprinkle a little in the morning and then it was forecasted to clear up by noon (supposedly), but it was super rainy and foggy until around 2pm. It was an experience, to say the least. I definitely don’t recommend tramping so far and long in such bad weather, but I’m glad we did it because it was still great exercise and by the time it cleared up we got to see an amazing view on our way down! I already uploaded my pictures to Facebook because I was so excited about my day. Unfortunately, pictures really do not do this wonderful place justice, so nobody at home will ever truly understand the day I had. I’m feeling extremely tired, but also incredibly satisfied. According to my phones health calculator I’ve walked a total of 17.02 miles and done 28,494 steps today. That’s more than doubled what I typically do in a day! I don’t think my legs have ever felt more like Jell-O than they do at the moment.

After my super long day of tramping Belmont Regional Park I went down to the waterfront to enjoy the Southeast Asian Night Market. This particular market is only in New Zealand every two years, I just so happened to be here during one of the years! I had to check it out because of that factor alone! It was pretty cool, there was a ton of food (it took a lot of willpower not to pig out and spend money), some little shops to buy stuff at, and live entertainment! I’m definitely glad I walked the extra few miles to check it out with my flatmates. Now it’s currently 1:46am and I’m in desperate need of sleep for another long day tomorrow! It’s up bright and early to get to the weekly Sunday Farmers Market, then off to the beach for me! 🙂

The view on our downward tramp after the fog finally cleared up!

The view on our downward tramp after the fog cleared up! Pictures really don’t do the view any justice.

One thought on “Gloomy Tramping

  1. Sounds like an awesome day! Loved the FB pictures and see you figured out how to post here too. Hope the boots were comfy. Jello legs are a great feeling after all that work! 🙂


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