Syllabus Week

Things have been quite hectic since arriving in Wellington. Last week was o-week (orientation week) here at vic, so there was a lot going on. This week was syllabus week, also known as the first week of classes. It hasn’t yet hit me that classes are started back up because I haven’t had any work due, I also haven’t purchased any books because I’m in denial of how expensive they are and that it doesn’t make sense to get them online because with shipping prices it is pretty much just as expensive.

I went out to lunch with Sam and Amy from Education New Zealand on Wednesday of this week, it was really nice to meet Amy and catch up with them! I’m super excited to go to their office and meet the rest of the team, I’m so thankful for all of them. I also got to ride the Wellington Cable Car for the first time when going to meet up with them, that was cool as well. I’m actually looking forward for things to get settled and classes to really get serious this week because that means I can get into a routine finally instead of being all hectic constantly and not knowing what comes next. Hopefully my days start to settle down soon, but if not I can’t complain because I’m having the time of my life so far.

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