Today’s The Day

Time has definitely flown by these past fews months. It still seems so unreal that I’m actually sitting in an airport waiting for my flight to California, followed by my flight to NEW ZEALAND! Per usual, I procrastinated and didn’t really start packing until late last night, so I’m currently running on one hour of sleep. Of course, I tried to pack absolutely everything I would ever need for 6 months around the world and the bag I checked weighed in at 63.5 pounds this morning. Needless to say, I hectically called my dad to come back and save me by taking some stuff home. Not sure how, but I managed to ditch 13.5 pounds and get that baby down to exactly 50 pounds (just in time to make my flight)! On top of that, my plane was delayed about an hour this morning, which caused me to miss my second flight, so that is why I’m anxiously awaiting my new second flight to San Francisco.

There are rarely dull moments in my life, so I guess I should have known something like this would have happened. It’s definitely been one heck of a morning. I can’t lie, I’ve totally made myself at home on these airport chairs that look oh so comfy but feel hard as a rock after sitting on them for three hours. We board in 20 minutes and I couldn’t be more excited, just one more flight after this and I’ll be living my dream!

3 thoughts on “Today’s The Day

    • Dear Ana,

      I am enjoying New Zealand! It’s been super busy so far, and there hasn’t been much wifi at all so I haven’t been connected very well. I had my first day of orientation today, it was a long day but a good one!



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